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Lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle choices can play a role in treating your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Talk to your doctor about changes that could help you breathe easier.

Make smart choices.

  • If you smoke, try to quit. This can actually help slow the progression of COPD
  • Try to avoid respiratory infections—talk to your doctor about the flu shot and pneumonia vaccine, and avoid contact with people who are sick when possible
  • Ask your doctor about pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Try to avoid exposure to COPD triggers, including irritants like polluted air or toxins
  • Take your medicines as prescribed

Work closely with your doctor.

  • Discuss all of your treatment options and build a long-term COPD management plan with your doctor
  • Call your doctor at the first sign of an illness or increase in symptoms. It’s good to keep your doctor informed of any changes you experience so he or she can change your treatment, if needed

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